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  • 1.24 18 Feb 2003 fixes
    • hidden webs now do not appear in sitemap anymore
    • if NOSEARCHALL is set in a WebPreferences of a web, do not include it in group searches
    • some html bug fixes in ks_leftbar template
    • typo fixed in the doc: TOPIC instead of TOPICS found by Nathan Neulinger
    • default CSS: class "compact" can be used in ul and table tags to set left margin of bulleted list to none
  • 1.23 21 Dec 2002 accesskeys in tooltips.
    • WARNING does not work on cygwin. please use 1.22 on cygwin (it triggers a bug in cygwin: "cannot fork"...)
    • doc: all accesskeys documented in tooltips ([Alt-E]...)
  • 1.22 21 Dec 2002 bugfixes
    • bugfix: Wiki Words in web description messed up tabs
    • bugfix: some wrong title colors in search results pages
    • hidden webs are indented a bit more in sitemaps
  • 1.21 17 Dec 2002
    • [!] You should apply the Patch TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala
    • tooltips to all the tabs and links in view mode
    • bugfix: background color for sitemap was omitted.
    • docfix: TOPICSTOP was not documented
    • script now checks that the needed variables are defined in TWikiPreferences, and issue warnings on missing ones
    • default css for html tags <b> and <i>, and twiki __ constructs are rendered in a colored ink. Note that this is not the case for the twiki * and _ constructs as they are mapped to strong and em tags
    • Access keys supported, on mnemotechnic letters. Disablable via the KSNOACCESS variable
    • favicon.ico supported
  • 1.20 11 Dec 2002
    • [!] Apply the patches NoWebHome.patch and NoWebHome2.patch from: TWiki:Codev/SettingParentTopicToNone (it is only cosmetics, will not break if not applied)
    • [!] define the variable %CSS% in the TWikiPreferences to nothing.
    • [!] define the variable %TOPICSTOP% in the TWikiPreferences to nothing.
    • New %CSS% TWiki var to override CSS per web
    • New global Koala Skin KSCSS var to define an additional external style sheet local to the site
    • New layout:
      • left margin is smaller
      • left margin do not depend anymore on web/topic names (long names could ruin the layout before)
      • "breadcrumbs trail" to give the hierarchy at the top instead of the left margin
    • New global variable KSNOMARGIN, and per-web option NOMARGIN to specify a different layout with no left margin for webs having wide contents.
    • New option KSFILEPERMS (= ALL for all users, or unix group name) at Martin request.
    • New options to set position of TWikiForms per web: FORM_LM, FORM_TL, FORM_TR, FORM_BL, FORM_BR, and global variable KSFORM_POS for the default.
    • checkbox labels are clickable, see TWiki:Codev/FormsUseLabelTags
    • New link to directly create a new topic, via new template oopscreate
    • Cleaner layout (skin) for printing.
    • textarea {width: "90%";height: "60%";} removed from style (bug in IE 5)
    • fix: quoting of "%TOPICPARENT%" in savemulti by Esteban Manchado
    • -r option to script to uninstall
    • reorganisation of the code, it should be easier to add features now.
  • 1.19 18 Sep 2002
    • Support for Navbar Plugin: See KSNONAVBAR variable To enable Navbar support, install the plugin, and re-generate
    • some macros in templates/ks_boxes.koala.txt to do text boxes in the color scheme of the web
    • bugfix: lock remained when previewing before save with mod_perl
    • new feature: option HIDDEN possible on sub-webs to save navigation bar space. (contributed by Fabio Spreafico and Wenzel Kalus, Biomax)
  • 1.18 23 Aug 2002
    • bugfix: navigation bar was badly generated in some cases
  • 1.17 21 Aug 2002
    • [!] add the line to your Site Prefs (TWikiPreferences), to be forward-compatible with the upcoming TWiki release.
      6 spaces * Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
    • bugfix: names like WebHome have been replaced by their "meta" name, (e.g.: %HOMETOPIC%)
    • bugfix: sitemaps were broken in 1.16 (bad html comment syntax: -- is forbidden in comments, but browsers didnt mind before...)
    • bugfix: search result pages header colors were broken since 1.14
  • 1.16 09 Aug 2002
    • bugfix: CSS was misplaced on some views (search, diff...) (bug introduced in 1.14 found by Jon Reid)
    • bugfix: some garbage could be seen in some views in the parents field on some pages.
    • bugfix: cleaning pass on html to pass W3C validator . Tested: view, diffs, changes. Work remains to do for other scripts (edit), but may imply more fixes to TWiki itself.
    • for validation, you may want to apply also this patch:
  • 1.15 08 Aug 2002
    • new option variable KSNOEXPAND for space-tight people, to use the same template/ space as 1.14 and before. (no need to upgrade if you do not need this option)
  • 1.14 07 Aug 2002
    • [!] bugfix: when saving with the bottom save button from the preview view, parent field was overwritten by garbage with %TOPICPARENT%. You must repair the damage done to some pages, see: You can either:
    • mail template redesigned.
    • Hints for writing KSICON
    • Tests /tmp/hsv2rgbhex & /tmp/rgb2hsvhex before using them
    • new %KSHELP% variable
    • %TMPL:INCLUDES are now expansed at generation time. Much slower at generation, but cuts disks access at runtime.
  • 1.13 18 Jun 2002
    • [!] you may want to apply the patch to Dec 2001 version: TWiki:Codev/SkinParamOnAllTemplateReads (but nothing serious will happen if you dont)
    • A way to re-generate templates from the web added
    • bugfix: the WebList template outputted with -i was buggy (the * EMPTY line was mistaken for a web declaration)
    • bugfix: when previewing a page containing html forms (such as the registration page), save buttons were inoperant Bug found by Samuel Tardieu.
    • bugfix: Internet Explorer rendered badly the sitemaps, workaround for this IE bug.
    • doc: which patches to apply are more explicit
    • announcements of the and mailing lists
  • 1.12 05 Jun 2002
    • [!] Terser signature patch used, but you must apply the TWiki:Codev/TerserSignature patch to bin/edit
    • empty groups by declaration. Suggestion of Matt Wilkie. Put the word EMPTY at the start of the Web description.
    • cosmetic: attachements table left-aligned in view mode
    • %USERSWEB% everywhere, instead of Main. variable main settable in the script also.
    • Wiki Name syntax is checked on create topic by menu
    • CSS declarations trimmed (and bugfixed) to be smaller. Simple pages went from 50k to 13k.
    • new KSNOICONS variable for the Web List topic
    • non-clickable links are now not white to differentiate them visually from clickable web tabs
  • 1.11 11 Apr 2002
    • bugfix: was not working well if your directory structure differred from the distribution.
      Note: No need to upgrade if you had no problem installing the 1.10 version
  • 1.10 28 Mar 2002
    • bugfix: editing failed (javascript error) on old versions (5.0) of IE.
  • 1.9 18 Mar 2002
    • [!] Forgot to mention that the RefreshEditPage patch should be applied. Apply it if you didnt already!
    • Minor bug fix: QuietSave would not remove lock (change to bin/savemulti)
  • 1.8 12 Mar 2002
    • Some fixes to the script to make it run on windows under cygwin.
  • 1.7 10 Mar 2002
    • [!] Name of install topic changed from KoalaSkinPlugin to just KoalaSkin. You must rename the topic Plugins.KoalaSkinPlugin if you have one!
    • This readme is now fully in TWiki syntax. You should create the topic KoalaSkin to include it (it is installed as an attachement), see new install instructions.
    • script can be run from twiki dir without setting DIR
    • Created the official distribution page on TWiki: TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkin
  • 1.6 8 Mar 2002
    • fixes to colors in search results in bookview mode, and in rename topic (result of search for pages refering to page to be moved)
  • 1.5 4 Mar 2002
    • [!] NOTE: if you already applied the fix TWiki:Codev/PostfixArgToParentMeta you need to change all 5 occurences of postfix to suffix in lib/
    • -d option to bin/koalaskin-generate to generate a distrib
    • Note that the RefreshEditPage fix is not needed anymore (but is not harmful)
    • Use of the ?time=nnnn hack in edit pages
  • 1.4 28 Feb 2002
    • [!] patches to apply: #3
    • new script bin/savemulti (needs a similar entry to save in bin/.htaccess), to provide in edit template 4 buttons: Save, Checkpoint, Preview, and Cancel
    • Raw view with metadata option in More... (new koala templates for oopsmore & preview)
    • understands the new var %EDITBOXCSS%
    • uses the new version of the PostfixToArgParentMeta
  • 1.3 24 Feb 2002
    • Checkpoint save
  • 1.2 23 Feb 2002
    • everything works (but with patches to distrib).
    • Announced on
  • 1.1 20 Feb 2002
    • First functional internal release.
  • Nov 2001 First sketches in HTML+CSS by Thierry Kormann
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