Replacement of the mastfoot

Our Omega 34 was built in 1986. In the last years we observed that the construction of the mastfoot got less stable. The yard had only laminated foot reinforcements underside of the mast in the inner shell of the hull which did not correspond with the force line of the mast. The result was, that the whole construction distorted under load and hair crackings appeared at this place. First attempts of repair work some years ago from the outside did not improve.

In last winter, the decision was made for a large-area repair and replacement of the component. The transverse beam on which the mast stands had been opened. The underlying laminate was cleaned from the foam and laminate residues of the inner shell. The hull-laminate was then reinforced and as well new reinforcements where built in the force line of the mast. These have now connection to the hull and the inner shell. Afterwards the transverse beam was closed from the top with a slab of 35 mm water resist plywood and finally the whole component was laminated several times.

Although the outer dimensions of the transverse beam have not been changed, the rigg is now approx. 2.5 cm higher than before. Even with rigg trimmed to 20% breaking load of the shrouds, no appreciable deflection of the trunk in the area of the main bulkhead was observed.

Omega 34/Snekkja, Owner: Arne Steinström

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